Lightweight Suspended Concrete Floor System

The SPEEDSLAB: lightweight suspended concrete floor system offers several advantages when compared to the conventional suspended concrete slab.

Faster Construction: The SPEEDSLAB system can significantly reduce construction time compared to the conventional method. With its efficient installation process and streamlined workflow, the construction time takes under 4 weeks.

Cost Savings: The SPEEDSLAB system can provide cost savings due to its optimized design and construction process. By utilizing 4C steel floor trusses and a 1C concrete slab with colorbond sheet and mesh, it eliminates the need for massive amounts of concrete and reinforced steel, resulting in potential
cost save up to 20%.

Improved Efficiency: With the SPEEDSLAB system, there is no longer a need for coordination between multiple teams responsible for different aspects of the construction process. This reduces the potential for communication errors and delays. All suspended slab done by the SPEEDSLAB team!

Comparable Strength: The SPEEDSLAB lightweight suspended concrete floor system maintains the same strength as a conventional concrete slab.

By offering faster construction, cost savings, improved efficiency, and comparable strength, the SPEEDSLAB lightweight suspended concrete floor system presents a compelling alternative to the conventional suspended concrete slab method.

The speedslab transforms your construction projects with our advanced suspended concrete floor systems. Designed for superior strength, durability, and efficiency, with a solid foundation for success. Experience seamless installation, enhanced structural performance, and reduced construction time.Our groundbreaking modular lightweight concrete floor system, redefining excellence in construction. Discover the perfect lightweight design, delivering unmatched performance. With its adaptability and precision engineering, our system offers endless design options for diverse projects.

steel frame speedslab

Embrace innovation and elevate your spaces with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen the pinnacle of modular lightweight concrete floor system. Experience seamless installation, accelerated project timelines, and exceptional structural integrity. With its adaptability and precision engineering, our system offers endless design options for diverse projects.Experience the future of construction with suspended concrete floor systems. Strong, efficient, and versatile, they elevate your projects to new heights. Revolutionize your flooring solutions with us.


Speedslab discover the ultimate concrete floor systems in Perth. Our expert team specializes in both concrete floor systems and suspended concrete slab systems, providing innovative and efficient construction solutions. Whether you need robust and versatile concrete floor systems or elevated, load-bearing suspended concrete slab systems, we have you covered. With Speedslab, you can experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology, superior quality, and swift project completion. Elevate your space with the leading concrete floor systems in Speedslab Perth Western Australia, and unlock a new level of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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