speed frame WA is a supplier of steel frame construction and steel frame house based in western australia

About Us - Speed Frame WA

Speed Frame WA is a supplier of steel frame building and Steel frame construction based in Western Australia.

All our Australian standard steel frame and roof trusses benefit from our modern factory facilities, which contain our new technologies that contribute to the pre-construction phase. Our experienced team uses Computer Numerical Controlled steel frame building equipment, as well as many metal engineering tools, to design and manufacture all the structural elements of every steel frame homes or house that fits into our environment.

To ensure the best quality of steel frame construction, all designs, engineering, and assemble are done indoor. Our steel frame homes specialists and engineers work outside the production office and are on site during the construction of each project.

Speed Frame WA uses only TRUESCOPE quality steel, and all of our steel frame building are manufactured in Western Australia.

We have indoor team of designers and engineers, that build creative architectural design, install the good quality and satisfactory services.

Our core strengths

• Innovative, essential, and dependable

• A highly qualified and capable team of experts

• Our strong network ensures high-quality work at competitive prices.

Our Expert Team

In house designer, engineer, assemble team and install team, together make sure we deliver the best quality service

Design Team | steel frame building - Speed Frame WA

design Team

Experience Steel Frame Detailer

The design team consists of an experienced steel frame homes detailer who gives a perfect design

QC Team | Registered Engineer | steel frame building - Speed Frame WA

QC Team

Registered Engineer

The quality control team checks and go through certain parameters for better product delivery and provides perfect quality Australian standard steel frame

Assemble & Install Team | steel frame building - Speed Frame WA

assemble & Install Team

Years of Experienced Steel Fixer

Assembly and installation team with years of experience as a steel frame building fixer assembles everything as per the customer's best needs

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Designed to Stand, Engineered to Last